Write For Us

Write for Us

Sassyindianfashion.com is looking for qualified content writers in the niche Indian fashion, beauty and Life style. We strive to produce interesting and innovative articles on celebrity fashion, fashion trends, make-up trends, shopping advice, fashion designers, boutiques..etc. If you are interested in any of the above mentioned topics then we look forward to work with you.


  • Fashion & Beauty Writing
  • Basic Photo Editing


For each article, we will provide you with the topic.  You have to write content with 400 to 500 word count along with curated images. You can credit the image source in the article. You can check the sample article here.

Image Curation

Ours is a picture oriented website. We value the quality of images used on each article more.  Hence, even if the article is good but lack quality image, then we would reject it.

To be considered, please send in your resumes with 2 writing samples at sassyindianfashion@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Write for Sassy Indian Fashion’.