Plain Saree with Designer Blouse – 30 Creative Ideas!

We all love plain sarees! Don’t we?

There is a simplicity in it, and also the fresh youthful appeal these kinds of sarees brings to an overall look is irresistable.  Every saree loving women will have at least few of these easy-going sarees safely tucked inside their wardrobes. The good news for them is, more than the designer sarees, or any other party wear sarees, your plain sarees can be worn to any occasion/party/event by simply pairing them with designer blouses, instead of the default ones that comes along with your drapes.

plain sarees with designer blouse ideas

Hence, with a single plain saree at your closet, you can come up with nearly 30 ways to style them! Yes, we have 30 super cool blouse options for these fun sarees that can completely elevate your style and gives you an impression that you wear a new saree each time!

However, before we look on all the possible blouse options by which you can flaunt these sarees, you also need to consider few things!

How to Make Your Plain Saree Beautiful?

Before you experiment with colourful blouse options for your plain sarees, you need to understand what is the fabric of it, does it have border, the occasion you plan to wear ..etc. By considering these parameters, you can select the best among the many possible options and make your plain sarees beyond beautiful.

Plain Saree Style

Plain sarees are available in all the fabrics. Silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette are some of the most popular fabrics which looks so elegant when worn plain. You need to select your blouse depending on this base cloth.  For example, if you have a plain saree in silk, then a thread work blouse or zardosi work blouse can be an apt choice.   If you have a plain cotton saree, then a kalamkari or ikat blouse will make it look more appealing.

plain saree blouse designs

Plain Saree with Borders/No Borders

Of course, not all plain sarees are literally plain.  Generally plain sarees come with zari border, lace border, gold piping work etc. These borders are so crucial to find the best blouse for your sarees. If you have a plain saree with zari border, then a brocade blouse would do wonders. If the saree has mirror borders, then you can go for matching mirror work blouses.

Plain Saree for Parties/Events

You also need to figure out where you want to drape your plain sarees. If you plan to wear your saree for a party, then a designer blouse with fancy work should be the best one to pair. If you plan to wear a plain saree for an outing with friends, then wearing a printed blouse will click the attire.


And finally, the budget. By exacting knowing how much you can afford to spend on your blouse, you can pick the one that suits your style and also wallet!

Now, let’s get ready to see the array of amazing designer blouses that you can pair with your plain drapes.

1.      Plain Sarees with Net Blouses

Well. Who wouldn’t love a fashionable net blouse? Net blouses can inflict a stylish appeal to your sarees. So, if you want to drape your plain sarees for a fashionable look, then net blouses are the best choice. You can either go for a complete net blouse with an inner lining, or, you can go for sheer necks or sheer sleeves for an even more catchy saree look. You can even try contrast net patches with embellishment to give an expensive look to your plain sarees.

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plain saree with net blouse

2.      Plain Sarees with Beads Work Blouse

A simple plain saree often need an attractive highlight to make it stand out.  If you are that young women who wants a trendy blouse yet don’t want any heavy work in it, then a simple plain blouse with a row of beads work will do the trick.  These beads work gives your simple sarees an elegant look.

plain saree with bead work blouse

3.      Plain Saree with Boat Neck Blouse

Boat neck blouses are taking more limelight day by day. With many celebs going for this youthful neck pattern, it is inevitable to try them with your plain sarees too. In case, if you want to go with the default blouse that comes along with your plain saree, then try to make the variation by opting for this chic boat necks.

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plain saree with boat neck blouse

4.      Plain Sarees with Brocade Blouse

Brocade blouses are in the saree world for many decades and it never stop receiving love from a saree hoarder. They are incredibly beautiful and can instantly transform your plain sarees for a rich appeal.  You don’t need a plain raw silk to wear your brocade blouses, even simple sheer sarees or jute sarees can also be made to look expensive with a designer brocade blouse.

plain saree with brocade blouse

5.      Plain Sarees with Contrast Blouse

Of course, this is the most widely sought after blouse model to pair with any plain sarees. It has been the most favourite (and also sassy) among other blouse options. However, you can be little different here too. Instead of just selecting contrast colors, also see if you can bring more bold patterns/works (along with mind-blowing colors) in your blouse like the one flaunted by the model below. Contrast blouse with a catchy print or work, can be even more attractive with the simple plain saree.

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plain saree with contrast blouse

6.      Plain Sarees with Cut Work Blouse

Here is the wonderful option for those who want to wear expensive plain silk sarees/ cotton silk, but need a designer blouse option to compensate for the simplicity! This will suit a lot for people who don’t like too much of work on their sarees, but want to wear an expensive saree nevertheless. Cut work blouses will be the best choice for you.  This kind of blouses go well with plain sarees that has zari border or gold bolder around the corner.

plain saree with cut work blouse

7.      Plain Sarees with Embroidery Blouse

If your plain saree in talk is a simple georgette or chiffon, then go for a blouse in the same fabric, but highlight them with bold embroidery work.  To make the blouse more attractive, play with captivating buttons and necks. Here is the inspiration to try this designer blouse.

plain saree with embroidery blouse

8.      Plain Sarees with Floral Blouse

Florals have been most of women’s favourite! We never get tired of floral prints/work on our attire. Don’t we? Our plains saree can also be flaunted with attractive floral blouses with vivid detailing. Floral blouses can be paired with plain georgette, chiffon and silk sarees.  They are more suitable for both simple wear and party wear sarees.

plain saree with floral blouse

9.      Plain Sarees with Gold Blouse

A simple gold blouse can be literally worn with any saree. They go well with most of the fabric and gives such a majestic look to an simple plain saree. The versatility of this blouse makes everyone own at least one of it. It might even be already existing in your wardrobe now. So, give your plain sarees a dashing regal look, by pairing them with an attractive gold blouse.

plain saree with gold blouse

10. Plain Sarees with Grand Blouse

Sometimes you need a grand work on your blouse to make it wearable with your designer and party wear plain sarees. In that case, you can get attractive grand work (that highlights your blouse) done on the visible portion of your blouse and wear them with your plain weaves.  Eye pleasing work around the neck, back and sleeve can totally transform your plain saree look.

plain saree with grand blouse

11. Plain Sarees with Ikkat Blouse

Ikkat is another fabric which has been fancied by many saree lovers. Ikkat sarees alone are not taking fashion world by storm. Even the blouses are being coveted by many women. It gives such a unique classy style to your sarees with a proper neck and sleeve patterns.  Here below a simple ikkat blouse with a tie back gives a plain orange saree a dramatic style.

plain saree with ikkat blouses

12. Plain Sarees with Heavy Blouse

This is another epic pattern that many chose to wear their plain sarees. Heavy work blouse (mirror, beads, thread or combination of everything) is the widely-worn design with plain sarees. Thanks to our celebrities who has been flaunting this way ever since they are draping their plain sarees. Thus, the first thing that comes to the mind of many when selecting their plain sarees is to team up with this blouse. However, you can still do some experimentation with these blouse by opting for relaxed sleeves and necks thereby making it more fashionable.

plain saree with heavy blouse

13. Plain Sarees with Kalamkari Blouse

Kalamkari work is another favourite print work that is being loved by many. These blouses make a extraordinary combination with your plain khadi, cotton and cotton silk sarees. These blouses generally give a very simple look to your sarees. If you want to get a more arresting look out of them, then go for attractive borders or beads work around the neck and sleeve.

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plain sarees with kalamkari blouses

14. Plain Sarees with Kutch Work Blouse

Kutch work is a popular art form that can instantly make your attire colourful. They make a best pair with your plain sarees. The vividness of sarees blend so well with the colourful thread work that appears in these blouses. If you want more fun look, try kutch work blouse with mirror work!

plain saree with kutch work blouses

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15. Plain Sarees with Lace Work Blouse

All your designer net sarees and lace work sarees need an equally stylish blouse to finish it off with a fantastic look. Such sarees can be paired with a lace blouse like the one below. This blouse generally suits well for teenagers and young girls. This combination works well of parties and late night events. If you don’t mind sheer blouses, then try these for sure.

plain saree with lace blouse

16. Plain Sarees with Maggam Work Blouses

Maggam work blouses are right now so popular among young brides and bridesmaid. They are widely seen during wedding events. If you plan to wear plain silk sarees for pre-wedding events or other nuptial ceremonies, then try a maggam work blouse in contrasting colors for an beautiful saree style.

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plain saree with maggam work blouses

17. Plain Sarees with Mirror Work Blouses

Mirror work is another popular work being done on blouse. These blouses go well with plain sarees compared to other ones.  These blouses are more flexible comparted to other option we have seen so far.  Mirror work can be done on any fabric and almost look unbelievably attractive on any plain saree.

plain saree with mirror work blouse

18. Plain Saree with Party Wear Blouse

There are tons of party wear blouse options available in the market right now. To get inspiration, watch latest fashion shows, ramp walks, leading designer’s latest collection preview, you will spot the blouse that are so hot in the current trend. You can pick one of the soon-to-be-favourite blouse model for your plain sarees if you want a more unique new style.

plain saree with party wear blouse

19. Plain Saree with Patch Work Blouse

Patch work is a form of design done by joining two different fabric and creating a unique pattern/design out of it.  This work can be done on blouse and wear with plain sarees. It greatly highlights such creative work and make a memorable pair for your plain sarees too.

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plain saree with patch work blouse

20. Plain Saree with Polka Dot Blouse

This simple print on anything always remains close to women. So, leaving the reputed polka dots in blouse is actually a sin. If you need a simple blouse for your plain saree, then go for cute polka dots. These blouses flare well with saree of any fabric.

plain saree with polka dot blouse

21. Plain Saree with Printed Blouse

Another most common form of blouse that generally many like to pair them with their plain sarees. There are tons of innovative prints available in the fashion market. Go for the ones that is either beautiful or quirky to catch everyone’s eye and pair them with your plain sarees.

plain saree with printed blouse

22. Plain Sarees with Satin Blouse

The sating finish blouse, though absent from fashion trend now, can be a best combination when worn with right plain saree. If you wear with a matching satin saree, it gives you such a sleek stylish appeal. You can wear this blouse even to your expensive party wear and other designer plain sarees.

plain saree with satin blouse

23. Plain Sarees with Sequin Work Blouse

If you want to instantly convert your plain sarees for a designer finish, then try to pair them with sequin blouse. The glittery finish that comes along with these blouses makes this best for late night parties and events.

plain saree with sequin blouse

24. Plain Sarees with Silver Blouse

Many might underestimate the color silver when wearing them on blouse. But it is a cool hue that can give a subtler rich look to your sarees. If you are the one who is scared of zari work, or gold blouse, then go milder and pair your sarees with silver blouses. Good news, it goes well with almost any color. Many often make the mistake that silver blouses are for darker hues, but it is not. You can wear them with any.

plain saree with silver blouse

25. Plain Saree with Stone Work Blouse

When we say stone work, we don’t mean the heavy kundan and other sparkling things that are done on the bridal blouses. Even your daily wear plain sarees can be made to look chicer by pairing a simpler stone work blouse like the one below.

plain saree with stone work blouse

26. Plain Saree with Thread Work Blouse

This is similar to embroidery blouse which we already saw. The only difference being heavy thread work instead of bold patterns. When you opt for this blouse, see if you can get the thread work done on 2 to 3 colors that goes well together. This way, you can highlight the work of your blouse. A same color thread work blouse often don’t highlight the work as it ought to be.

plain saree with thread work blouse

27. Plain Sarees with Velvet Blouse

Velvet is one fabric which gives a rich look without any work on it. They go well with silk and designer sarees. Even net and lace sarees can be made to look more majestic by a simple velvet blouse.

plain saree with velvet blouse

28. Plain Saree with Creative Work Blouse

If your blouse has creative work in the back or sleeves, then it is better to pair them with plain sarees. This way, all the attention is turned to your blouse! So, if you have invested heavily on a blouse but don’t know how to use it besides with your expensive sarees, then give a try with a simple plain one!

plain saree with work blouse

29. Plain Sarees with Zardosi Work Blouse

Zardosi is a form of zari work done on fabrics to get sheer elegance and royal finish. Zardosi work  done saree blouses are right now so popular for its artistic finish. These blouses are etched with metallic thread work that adds an opulent look to your plain sarees.

plain saree with zardosi work blouse

30. Plain Sarees With Fancy Blouse

Are you the girl, who is still stocking blouse with the default necks and sleeves but making choice only with the type of work on the blouse, then it is time to try a simple fancy blouse. These blouses are not fabric dependent or kind of work that is being done on it, but rather with the stylish sleeves and hand patterns, you can create a new saree look.  Below is a how you need to get it stitched if you want one for yourself.

plain saree with fancy blouse

Plain sarees, need not have to be boring and restrict your look to minimalism. You can try a whole lot of blouse options with the same saree and create a new look each time. With a bit of creativity, you can reuse even your existing blouses with your plain sarees. As you see, the first stop in rocking your plain saree and designer blouse is to understand your saree type and your personal taste. Then, pick the one and flaunt it. The above pictorials would have given you enough inspiration to try new blouses. Go ahead and try them ASAP. If you want to buy same blouses online head over to!

If you have more to add on our list, please drop your suggestions on the comments box below. We will be glad to expand this collection. Finally don’t miss to bookmark/pin this page to come back whenever you want to see the blouse options.

Picture Credit : House of Blouse, Pinterest.


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