9 Incredible Lehenga Blouse Designs by Manish Malhotra

The fashion world is forever mesmerized by Manish Malhotra’s creations. It is needless to say that every fashion loving girls dream would be to flaunt his ensemble at least once. Such is the honor to wear his esteemed cloths. The master of fashion is always known to create impact in any outfit he craft, however his lehengas are bit more special. Manish Malhtora, besides creating the most fabulous designs in wonderful fabric with fine detailing, always go beyond making it beautiful by inserting his unique creativity in every lehenga ensemble he designs. Especially, he always tries to make a difference in the blouse that comes along with the flowy lehenga skirt. His lehenga blouses are everything that a modern woman wants in the best of Indian ethnic skirt. They are epitome of feminity and finesses which would attract women of this age.

Here below, we have collected 9 incredible lehenga blouse designs from Manish Malhotra’s world. They will redefine your views about lehenga for sure.

Textured High Neck Blouse

Sometimes a high neck simple blouse is all you need to flaunt the details in your lehenga skirt. Knowing this fact, Manish has come up with this incredible blouse which was attenuated further with mild textures.

lehenga blouse designs by manish malhotra

A Net Blouse With Glittery Thread Work

Who wouldn’t love net blouses? However, Manish has taken this already fine piece of blouse to next level with the addition of some shimmery thread work.

lehenga blouse designs by manish malhotra

Deep Off The Shoulder Blouse

If a lehenga blouse could stand out and overshadow the beauty like Deepika, we know what the blouse stands for ! That’s the speciality of Manish Malhotra’s designs.

lehenga blouse designs by manish malhotra

Jackets as Lehenga Tops

Why the blouse should always be traditional crop tops? Here Manish breaking the myths by going for chic jackets that defines new territory for lehengas.

lehenga blouse designs by manish malhotra

Tassel Work On Lehenga Blouse

Glittery tassels are other hot creations from the house of Manish Malhotra. They have the ability to make his ensembles spectacular.

lehenga blouse designs by manish malhotra

Floral Thread Work Blouses

Well..florals have always dominated fashion world. But here Manish has given a complete new make over to the much popular floral trend. See through blouses with drop dead gorgeous thread work gives an all new look for the florals.

lehenga blouse designs by manish malhotra

Cold Shoulder Blouses

Regular crop tops can be made to look totally chic with the fine cold shoulders. Manish has made this trick work for him.

lehenga blouse designs by manish malhotra

Relaxed Lehenga Blouses

Bored of crop tops and figure hugging blouses? Then the fashion god has something new for you. Trendy, to the point relaxed blouses are the pieces you badly need for another effortless looking style.

lehenga blouse designs by manish malhotra

Broad Neck Blouses

Broad necks are definitely not a new thing. But Malhotra’s blouse designs steal the show because of the flawless cuts and grand fabrics. The proof is below.

lehenga blouse designs by manish malhotra

This brings the end of incredible lehenga blouse designs from Manish Malhotra. Aren’t they look super cool ? Tell us on the comment on what other blouse designs you like from this fashion designer.

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