8 Simple Blouse Back Neck Design Images To Stun You!

Risking the boredom, we tell you once more that blouse necks are crucial to get your saree look appealing. However, many hesitate to embrace the latest trend thinking how it will flare in front of others. If that is the case, leave the problem to us. Because today we are going to suggest you some highly wearable simple blouse back neck designs that will surely strike the cord.

To take your blouse back neck to next level, all you have to do is, invest some time to find the right design that flatters your body. Opt for stylish cut out blouse back necks with simple fabrics and hand design for an elevated saree look. If you don’t mind throwing up a bit of glamour around, then go for wide open with attractive tie-backs. If you are that girl, why shy away from stylish options, then try high neck blouses or blouse with patch work on the back. As you see, each one has something to pickup and alter your blouse style thereby making an impact to your overall saree look.

Here below we have curated 8 simple blouse back neck images where you can find your comfy design for sure.

High Neck Blouse With Patch Work

High neck blouses are quite hot on the trend right now. They are being fancied by all celeb girls. So it’s right time you get one and make it a little more cool with patch work on the back.

Simple Blouse Back Neck Design Images

High Neck Blouse With Slit Back Open

If you are looking for a simple blouse pattern that should also remain stylish then try high neck blouse with slit back open. This little detail in the back will give you an striking appeal.

Simple Blouse Back Neck Design Images

Blouse Back With Diamond Cut Out

How about playing a cool diva look? Go with a deep cut out like the one below and opt for three fourth sleeve for an ultra-cool vibe. We are sure you will be bugged by everyone on where to get such blouse.

Simple Blouse Back Neck Design Images

Blouse Back Neck With Potli Buttons

Even a simple looking blouse can be made to turn head by opting for cute details. Once such is the potli buttons preferably in the contrasting colors. This will sure attract many eyeballs.

Simple Blouse Back Neck Design Images

Buttoned Back Neck With U Cut Out

Buttoned back necks are not new for saree blouse, however, go to that extra mile and get it stitched with a deep U cut out as below. You will blow the mind of others.

Simple Blouse Back Neck Design Images

Buttoned Back Neck With Geometric Patterns

If deep back cut outs are not your cup of tea, still you can try subtler geometric patterns in a simple cotton blouse. These can be worn even to work place.

Simple Blouse Back Neck Design Images


Saree Blouse With Tie Back Necks

Sometime all you need is a simple thread details to add new dimension to your blouse. Go for tie back blouses for the chic saree style.

Simple Blouse Back Neck Design Images

Regular Saree Blouse Back Neck

Ok.. We understand you don’t want to experiment much. In that case, our advise would be to go for a regular blouse back necks ( U or V), but add details over the shoulder like the one below. This is simple, cute and beyond beautiful.

Simple Blouse Back Neck Design Images

These are our suggestions for simple blouse back necks. We hope this will give you plenty of ideas on how to make the difference in your blouse style. Keep these blouse neck images for future reference and get ready to dramatically alter your saree style. If you like to shop same blouses, check out the collections here.


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