Plain Saree With Contrasting Blouse – A Must Try!

Often, sophisticated style comes out by putting together few basic flattering pieces in a right way. This includes a plain saree with a stark contrasting blouse. This simple saree look is a fail proof way to appear dashing anywhere from simple family events to office meetings.  Besides, plain sarees lends the flexibility to team them with variety of blouse designs and fabrics, each time reinforcing a new style and look. So investing in a right material will help you for years to recycle and wear them in variety of ways. Thus, keep few handy ideas ready to make this look work for you. You will surely reap compliments for your minimalistic dressing.

To give pointers on how to wear this saree style, we have curated 8 chic ways to try plain sarees and contrasting blouses. Read ahead and be ready to try this out.

Blouses With Stripes And Geometric Patterns

If you like to come up with an edgy style out of your simple plain sarees, wear them with blouse printed with patterns and lines.

plain sarees with contrast blouse

Floral Blouses

Fine floral work never cease to fancy women. To highlight such pleasing work on your look, go for plain sarees preferably in contrasting shades.

plain sarees with contrast blouse

Cut Work Blouses

Simple light fabric cut work blouses are apt choice for plain sarees. Wear them with a chic belt as below and you will be that stylish diva everyone look up to!

plain sarees with contrast blouse


Bold Printed Blouses

Quirky bold prints and shapes on your blouse need subtler sarees to make them stand out. Without any barriers for age, this style can be tried by anyone.

plain sarees with contrast blouse

Mirror Work Blouses

Elegant mirror work can look incredibly beautiful on attractive hues. Consider wearing vibrant mix of colors with mirror work stealing the show.

plain sarees with contrast blouse

Heavy Embroidered Blouses

This one goes well not just for your casual sarees, but also for silk and other plain designer sarees. Simply put two flattering colors together and with right amount of thread work to arrest your look.

plain sarees with contrast blouse

Designer Net Blouses

Net blouses go well with plain chiffon and georgette sarees. When you pair them rightly they give you a rich designer saree look without you having to invest on expensive wears.

plain sarees with contrast blouse

These blouse ideas will help you to get started. Explore plain saree with contrasting blouses in attractive colors, and be creative in your styling. This simple saree style can be made to look attractive with rotating your blouse options!



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