How To Hide Tummy While Wearing Saree?

Today’s post is all about a fashion hack that will sort the woe of all saree lovers. It’s a undeniable fact that saree is the most coveted piece of attire by Indian women of all age. That’s why it is all the more crucial to solve any issue that a serious saree lover brings out to the table. One such issue which our readers keep asking us is how to hide the tummy (aka muffin top) while wearing their darling sarees?

There are plenty of ways to cover up the belly fat while draping, however one hack takes the cake. Because it not only solves our greater problem, but also helps us retain the style and elegance which sarees are known to possess. Let’s cut the long story short and come to the point! To hide your midriff while wearing sarees, try long relaxed blouses preferably with fancy work or creative neck designs to add more punch to the look. If you still have doubts clouding your mind, take a look on how celebs carry this style without compromising on the saree look!

How to hide tummy belly fat wearing saree

We hope you had your inspiration boosted now to wear saree. Do try this hack and let us know how it worked for you!


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