Adorable Saree Hairstyles For Short Hair Girls

We know what a daunting task it is for a short hair girls to find the fine hairstyles that goes well with sarees. Since this traditional attire is often associated with long braids and flowers, it is often a challenge for shirt hair girls to look best on this traditional drape.

However, you can leave your worries now. Because we have one super cool celeb who showed us how utterly chic can a short hair girl look with any classic saree. That is none other than ‘Kangana Ranaut’. The actress has been busy going rounds for her upcoming movie Rangoon promotions, and we get to see her in lot of saree appearance. From silk saree to delicate handloom, whatever be the case, the women managed to cast style statement along with her creative hairstyle and subtle makeup.

Now girls, who are struggling with short hair should just refer to Ms. Kangana on the pictures below…

saree hairstyle for short hair

saree hairstyle for short hair saree hairstyle for short hairsaree hairstyle for short hair

Now tell us what’s your favorite saree hairstyle for short hair? 


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