The Jewellery Trend That Celebs Are So Obsessed Right Now!

There is one jewellery trend that suddenly seems to have caught the fancy of all celebs right now. So we get to see them giving their near perfect outfits, a polished final touch by donning statement silver jewellery. Of course this is not new to Vidya Balan, who has been sporting some fine silver neck piece since last year. However, on the list, now joins, few more. And we expect this list will grow further on the coming days seeing the hold these trendy jewelleries have on our fashion icons.

Now take a look on how Vidya and others styled their dresses with a right touch of antique silver pieces.

Celebrity Silver Jewellery Trend

Tell us your take on silver jewellery trend that is right now hot among the celebs, in the comment section below.


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