10 Half Saree Images That Will Make You Obsesses Over This Trend

Ditch all your earlier notions about half sarees. Because the half saree images that we are going to show you today will make you rethink and obsess over this stylish trend immediately. In the hands of Indian fashion designer, these traditional attires have undergone fashion makeover, and now we see them in an entire new light. With an inclusion of style quotient, half sarees are not just a material for traditional events and family gatherings, but they can now surprise the crowd in date evenings, office parties and whatnot!

Also, it is no more a reserved clothing for teens and college goers. More sophisticated silhouette makes it a perfect choice for young women too.  So you can now safely shop them and enlarge your ethnic wardrobe.  Before that, take a look on the most stylish half saree designs that are available in the fashion scene now.

Half Sarees With Stylish Collar Neck

With the collar neck blouse and tops making waves in the fashion radar, this is catching up with half sarees too. [Price – Rs. 38,900]

Half Sarees Images with Price

Plain Half Sarees with Printed Jackets

If you like to keep things modest, yet want to look stylish, then these half sarees will get you interested. With an inclusion of printed blouse, your half saree style is going to look unique. [Price – Rs. 22,500]

Half Sarees Images with Price

Aqua is the Hot Half Saree Color

While deep colors dominated the past, the current half saree trend is all about milder aqua and baby pinks.  [Price – Rs. 38,500]

Half Sarees Images with Price

Half Sarees With Dramatic Floral Work

A creative embellishment will make your half saree always interesting.  Why not replace your stone or zari work with exaggerated floral thread works?  They are stylish and striking. [Price – Rs. 29,950]

Half Sarees Images with Price

Lehenga Half Sarees

With a flared bottom and defined bodice, your half sarees are set to mesmerize everyone. [Price – Rs. 36,000]

Half Sarees Images with Price

Pre-stitched Half Sarees

Save the pain of draping them by opting for pre-stiched-gown-like half sarees. They are going to look more stylish than your default drapes. [Price – Rs. 22,950]

Half Sarees Images with Price

Net Half Sarees

Pick for net pallu possibly in contrasting hues. With a vibrant skirt and a contrasting toned down net pallu, your half saree will be a show stopper anywhere. [Price – Rs. 63,500]

Half Sarees Images with Price

Half Sarees with Floral Prints

Floral prints have always fancied women. They have taken center stage in blouses, skirts and lehengas. Half sarees are no exception. [Price – Rs. 40,500]

Half Sarees Images with Price

Multi Color Half Saree

Make a statement outfit out of your half saree by opting for multicolour set.  With your blouse, skirt and pallu showing variation, it is the easiest way to stand out. [Price – Rs. 26,950]

Half Sarees Images with Price


Indo-Western Half Sarees

Thanks to our designers for making this traditional piece a fusion wear. [Price – Rs. 22,500]

Half Sarees Images with Price

Well we guess these trendy half saree images have altered your perceptions without a doubt. You can shop the collections here. However, if you find them pricey, don’t worry, still you can gather the inspiration and get it stitched in affordable cost at you nearby boutique.

Let us know in comment on what you think about the stylish half saree trend!


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