11 Flattering Indian Wedding Dresses For Bride’s Sister

Welcome young lady!  Confused on what to wear on your dear sister wedding day? Is your close sister busy on bridal activities and you are trying hard to get her attention to choose the best outfit for the coming big day? We understand you needs. We are here to offer new outfit ideas, that can make all the attention glued to you when you stand in the stage as Bride’ sister.

Wedding day and the craziness that surrounds around it is demanding to cope not just for bride and groom, but also for everyone involved.  While there are tons of decision to be made and preparations to be done, to make the special day a memorable one, one aspect that everyone seems to struggle is what to wear! As a bride’s close sissy, you must be flying high to get the best one on the trend right now.

Of course our fashion world is so full of colourful ethnic options. However, in order to select the best, first you need to see all the options available for you.  To make your search an easy process, we have nailed down 11 flattering Indian dresses that can make you stand out in your dear sister wedding.  Let’s take a look.


Ok..This must already be under your shopping list. We want to point out that, yes it is indeed a glorious dress to wear on the special day.  Opt for net lehengas and pair them with kundan jewellery to take a modern version of this ethnic ensemble.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Rich Long Jackets

Jackets with heavy embellishments and flattering skirt or pants, is something every young lady should consider for their next party day!

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Designer Half & Half Sarees

Of course, sarees are not new. Nevertheless, you can make a difference if you opt for coloful designer sarees with fabulous blouse.  Half and half sarees are right now hot on the trend. So go grab these saree and you won’t be disappointed.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Half Sarees

Half sarees have seen lots of fashionable iterations this decade. They no more retain the age-old traditional image. Designer half sarees with fascinating embroidery work are dominating the fashion scene. Surprise everyone with this bright choice.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Dhoti Pants and Jackets

To add an indo-western touch to your outfit, opt for dhoti pants with sheer or silk tops. These ethnic options are doing rounds in all bridal occasion. Hence, do consider them if you love to be fashionable in an ethnic outfit.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Saree Gowns

If you are bogged down by the whimsical process of saree draping, then you are rescued. Pre-stitched saree gowns will give you the look of heavy drapes with minimal fuss in the wearing process. You should obviously give them a try.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Palazzo Suits

Give your heavy work kurta a much needed boost by paring them with relaxed wide-legged pants.  This is a boon for all young ladies who don’t want to get wrapped up on dramatic dresses but rather stick to simple choices.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Anarkali Suits

Who won’t love this? From floor lengths to short umbrealla version, Anarkali salwars has hit the fashion market with many fabulous designs. Hence it goes without saying that you have plenty of models to shop. Choose the one that flatters you.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Skirts & Crop Tops

What else can make you look chic on the fun-filled Sangeet and Haldi ceremonies? Select simple skirts and pair them with an embellished crop tops. You are ready to rock the day.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Silk Sarees

Silk sarees have special place in any bridal related events. Though every boutique is brimming with designer sarees, nothing can beat the graceful look of silk. Down south, silk sarees still dominate the trend. Thus, invest on a soft light weight silk for sure.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Indo-Western Gowns

For a reception, you need an edgy outfit that also retains the elements of Indianism. With the lead Indian designers so resolved to create Indian version of modern gowns, we are sure the Indo-western gowns will bring out the stylish you to the family crowd.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride's Sister

Going by the choices, you will have super fun time shopping your outfits. Take a keen look on the options again and come up with the ones that can suit your style.  We are sure you are going to look best in these dresses on your sister’s wedding!


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