How to Find the Latest Saree Blouse Models before Anyone?

Let’s agree we all want to look as fashionable as in our saree. That means, often keeping up with latest trends in saree and its significant counterpart blouse. A blouse model, as we all know, has the ability to take a saree to next level.  So it becomes quite evident that one needs to choose this piece to clothing with utter care for it to shine well with your saree.

This pose the inevitable question, how can I find the latest saree blouse models in the trend?

You might be the young diva who wants to flaunt your next saree in a stylish look but apparently has no clue on how to get it. Obviously you will either go back to your default blouse patterns or trust your couturier to do the best for you. In both the cases, you will end up in a boring saree look thus failing to look flattering on one more day of your life. We know how painful it is.  Not all are blessed with a personal stylist to make us look good.

However, picking up latest blouse design is not as difficult as you imagine. All you have to do is to be little proactive and use social media wisely. Yes you heard us right! Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are not just for friends and family.  These social corners can be an immense source of inspiration for your wardrobe too. For instance, we at Sassy Indian Fashion are always glued to Instagram, especially fashion designers profiles.  Who else can give us the hint on what’s going to be on the coming trend!

That’s how we spotted Poornima Indrajith, a classy woman behind the designer label ‘Pranaah’. Her Instagram profile is so full of trendy and stylish blouse designs that she posed with an ease and style. We have curated below 13 stunning blouse styles of her that are hard to resist by any women.

Trendy Saree Blouse Neck Designs

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The above blouse designs are proof that how following key profiles on social media can sort out your style woes. Her profile is just an icing on the cake.  There is ocean awaiting there to get your daily inspiration. So you now know where to find your next blouse model and save the pain during stitching process!


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