7 Simple Saree Wearing Styles to Look Super Stylish

Stop associating sarees to the traditional style. This is a big mistake and often a costly one too. Your sarees can make you look as stylish as your western pieces. The key however is to make your saree look a bit fashionable.   Also, by reserving your best sarees to drape on a special (& strictly traditional) event that is nowhere near the horizon, you are wasting your time as well as your life of precious piece of clothing.  By learning to wear your saree in a fashion forward way, you can flaunt them anywhere thereby giving your best sarees the well-deserved chance. When you learn to wear sarees in different styles, you will also get the best return of investment made on them.

The good thing however is, stylish way of wearing saree is not complicated as you think. It just need few tweaks here and there to achieve that polished striking look that you can carry from evening parties, to late-night dinner dates. It is simple, efficient and totally doable.

If you have been keeping all your designer sarees safely tucked inside the safest part of wardrobe, then it’s time to get them out. Scroll below for the most chicest way to wear saree this season!

Around the Neck

The simplest way to stylish saree appearance is to drape it around the neck. If you are that college going pretty teen or the office going young women, consider this choice. It is simple and an instant head turner.

Saree Wearing to Look Slim

Pair it with High Neck & Full Sleeve Blouse

Pair your saree with a totally covered blouse. Preferably, a high neck with a full sleeve blouse option.  It is going to dramatically change the way your saree look. We agree it is definitely not a new one. This saree style is known for ages, yet vastly remains unused.

Designer Saree Wearing Style

Knot it on the Shoulder

One simple and efficient way to keep the style quotient in your saree look is to highlight with a chic knot on the shoulder. Your designer sarees can get you an edgy look with this.

Bollywood Saree Wearing Style

Play with Neck & Sleeves

If you want to instantly boost the saree style, pair it with a statement blouse. Exaggerated blouse with bell sleeves, off the shoulder necks are all sure way to retain style element on your saree.

Different Saree Wearing Style

Wear it Like a Scarf

Do you want to look slim? Then try this. Drape your saree in the default way but end the pallu by wearing it around the neck like a scarf.

Saree Wearing Style Photos

Twist it

This is similar to the knot style. However, here instead of knot, you need to garner the attention by simply twisting it.  By this way, even a simple saree can be made to look something special.

Saree Wearing Style Latest

Flaunt the Front

If you are the one who don’t mind to break all fashion myths and like to surprise everyone whenever you get a chance, then this style is for you.  Here you need to keep your drape on the front by ditching the default style.  Also, this way you can flaunt the heavily-invested blouse if it happens to have good work on it.

Saree Wearing Style Images

Staying stylish on sarees is not a big deal. It needs bit of creativity and finding the comfort zone where you don’t have to compromise anything but still attain an efficient saree look.  We hope this post has given you some lead on where to make the changes in order to remain fashionable in sarees.  Keep wearing sarees in different styles to put your drapes for the best use!


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