10 Best Blouse Neck Designs to Flaunt With Any Saree

Saree blouse matters a lot. It can make or break a saree look. Even a plain saree with a bit of worked up blouse is going to make your saree style stay loud in the crowd. If you want to make a statement with your saree style, you have to get your blouse basics right.

Of course a blouse can be made to look flattering by choosing the right fabrics, eye catching embellishments and body hugging fittings.  However, a simple zone where you can make all the difference is your neck design.  The blouse neck, both front and back, plays a huge role in transforming your saree style from regular to something spectacular.

Don’t believe us? Imagine a blouse with flattering back open or a chic collar in the front! Without saying, it is going to be head turner in the throng.  When a fashion forward neck designs are carved in the right blouse fabrics, your blouse is bound to be a show stealer. So it is time to focus on blouse neck detail that is going to give you that polished look.

Here below, we have curated 10 latest blouse neck designs that can go pretty well with almost any saree. From silk to cotton, georgette to chiffon, you can find an apt blouse neck in the curation that is sure to make your saree drape interesting.  Time to browse down and check the blouse patterns!

Collar Neck with a Flattering Back Square Open

Blouse Back Front Neck Designs

High Neck Velvet Blouse with a Striking Thread Work

Blouse Back Neck Designs

Collar Neck with Deep Back Open

Blouse Neck Designs Back and Front

Close Neck with a Back Slit Open

Blouse Neck Designs for Designer Sarees

Close Neck with a Back Deep Open

Blouse Neck Designs Catalogue 2016

Short Sleeve High Neck Blouse

Blouse Neck Designs Images

Wide Front Neck with Back Button

Blouse Neck Designs Silk Sarees

A Simple Boat Neck Blouse

Latest Blouse Neck Designs

Simple U Front Neck with Tie Back


Collar Neck and Short Sleeve

Blouse Neck Designs Catalogue

These are some of the latest blouse necks that are going rounds in the market. Of course, you can always mix and match the designs and be creative. Chose the one that is cozy, and little sassy for your style. Ditch your age old blouse patterns and try one of these next times. Your will be surprised on your whole new saree look!

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