10 Unusual Color Combinations on Wedding Sarees!

Weddings are special. Wedding sarees are more special!

Who wouldn’t love to splurge on a big-day saree that’s going to stand tall for next 30 or so years to tell tales for the generations to come? Bridal sarees are that significant in a women’s life and hence comes all dilemma as to how to make it look exceptional!

If you are that young ‘going-to-be’ bride who is in utter chaos of what color to go for your saree, then you should safely consider us as your warm friend and relax. We have netted the whole of Instagram to fish out the hot colors that favours the young brides this season, and landed on the page Shopzters, whose Instagram feed is a huge source of inspiration for bridal fashion. Here below are 10 unusual colors flaunted by brides of Shopzters. Their choices will surely put an end for your wedding saree color issues.

Now take a plunge and browse through some hitherto unseen spectacular color combinations on silk!

  • Retain the traditional red, but pair with a winning blue!
  • Not so usual green and purple can be spectacular!
  • This shade of blue and pink is needed for a fresh look!
  • Violet should not be underestimated!
  • Yellow makes a nice contrast for navy blue.
  • If you have to stick to red, play with your blouse!
  • Mustard and red will get you that Wow look.
  • Sometimes beige is the best!
  • Green and orange deserve a chance!
  • Deep pink and blue can make you look classy!

Now that your colors problems are sorted out, tell us in comment, what is your choice of wedding saree color?


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