How To Make Your Plain Pink Saree Look Expensive?

Raveena Tandon recently made an appearance that makes us revisit our notion of expensive sarees. True that, actress are much into luxury mode when it comes to their clothing. However, that’s not affordable for women who like to bring out the same style in their outfits. That leave us with the question, how can I achieve the actress look without burning a big hole on the wallet?

While it is not easy to find an affordable alternate for all celebrity sarees, we can make our totally inexpensive plain sarees look legal by just working on it a bit more. Take Raveena saree here, that hot pink looks like a million bucks for the eyesight, but you can buy a simple plain pink saree and get all these embellishments manually done with the assistance of your designer. Same goes for the blouse too. The end result, you can get that rich look with less cost. Here is the place where you can get all your saree fittings (laces, borders..etc) at affordable price.

Pink Embellished Saree Design

Pink Embellished Saree Blouse

If you are too lazy to do all the manual work for your saree, that’s perfectly fine, we have similar saree styles curated for you to just shop!

Florence Embroidered Chiffon Saree [Rs.3120/-]

Pink Embellished Saree
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Amori Embellished Mirror Work Saree [Rs.3199/-]

Pink Embellished Saree Online
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Florence Ombre-Dyed Chiffon Saree [Rs.975/-]

Dual Shaded Pink Saree
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