Good News for Long Hair Girls

Here is the good news for long hair girls.  How long since you braided your hair for an outfit that is not saree. If you are deeply thinking right now, chances are, it was ages before. If you have been reserving your braided style for a more traditional ensemble, then it’s time to break the myth.

Today we are going to show you two styles of Jacqueline Fernandez where she made the long hair absolutely work for her trendy style.  The actress, in the past two appearances sported a completely different look, however her hairstyle remained the same.  She went on to prove that, be it an athletic outfit or a long glamorous gown, the long braided hair can add a unique style element and give a complete twist of style in the fashion forward crowd.

Going by her look, we have to agree that braids are not just for sarees, but pretty much for anything!

Jacqueline Fernandez Dressing Style for Braided Hair

Jacqueline Fernandez Black Dress Braided Hair


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