15 Ideas to Make Your Saree Look Indo Western

Saree, the most sassy and classy outfit is often associated with traditional looks. While nothing can beat the conventional style that comes along with a saree, it can be a tough contestant for indo western wears too.

If you are in a dilemma as to how to wear an indo western saree, or, simply in search of how to give a western style to your saree draping, then you have landed here on right post.

To give an indo western vibes to traditional sarees, you don’t have to reach out a designer boutique and bust a monthly savings in one go. With what you have in wardrobe, you can accomplish it, for Indo western saree is all about adding unique style element and choosing right blouse for your existing sarees.  Your attitude and treatment is what going to convert your saree style to Indo western and nothing else.


Don’t worry. Here we have curated 15 simple ideas from blouse styling to saree draping that can convert even your classic silk sarees to chic western wear.  Go below and be surprised on how stylish a saree can get. [Note : You can buy all the below sarees here and experiment the same style!]

  • Belt it. Probably the easiest of accessory that can completely transform a saree look.

How to drape indo western saree

  • The front pallu style that is widely popular in wedding reception can be given a tight twist as below for the dramatic western feel.

How to wear indo western saree

  • Dhoti style saree draping with wrapping a bit of clothing around the neck will get the cool feel you want in sarees.

How to wear indo western saree style

  • Pair a wide pleated saree with a sweater blouse and slip into a sneakers.  You will get the best of winter outfit!

Indo western blouse patterns

  • Don’t leave your t-shirts and layered shirts please, your sarees needs them!

indo western saree and blouse style

  • Halter neck blouses can be a best companion for your saree to take indo-western look!

indo western saree blouse designs

  • Bring on your turtle necks for the days where you want to feel beyond edgy in sarees.

indo western saree blouses

  • Your blouse sleeves matters to strike a western touch on any saree. Make your sleeves as exaggerated as possible for your saree to look as voguish as this.

indo western saree draping and blouse style

  • Sometimes simple saree with a wee bit of off-the shoulder blouse is enough to do the magic.

indo western saree draping pictures

  • Keep your front pleats a little low for the modish indo-western look.

indo western saree wearing style

  • A Bit of 9 yards of clothing around your neck is going to get you that modern touch.

Indo Western saree pattern

  • Your striped tees can make your saree really hot.

Indo Western Saree style

  • Blazers, coats, shrugs…..anything! Your sarees can pull off anything!

Indo Western Style of Draping and Wearing Saree

  • Make your sarees look overly cute with short collar necks.

Latest Indo Western Saree Style Images

  • Why leave your shirts? Bring it on, for it will be a best pal for your sarees.

Indo Western Saree with Shirt Blouse

Hope, we have cleared all myths around indo western sarees. With a mind of experimentation and sense of fashion, you can exactly duplicate these looks for they are not at all complicated. Be sure to give it a try!


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