7 Best Border/Pallu Colors For Your Green Sarees

Green, the most fresh and vibrant color shade will go impeccable on your sarees. The beauty of this color can be elevated and highlighted in multiple ways on your sarees, when you have another right contrasting shade in your border and pallu. When the right mix of color happens, your saree is going to be a visual treat.

Alright, you might think. However, what are those colors that can seamlessly blend on the various intensity of green shade. It is pretty simple to write down the list of hues that can go well with your green saree.  Nevertheless, a picture speaks thousand words more than it. So, please take a visual tour below. We have curated all the best colors that can complement your green saree and make it look extraordinary. Bookmark this post, so you can bounce back whenever you need some color suggestions for your sarees!

Green Saree with Pink Border

Quite an elegant mix and it is surely a winner without a doubt.

Green Silk Saree with Pink Border

Green Saree with Pink Border

Green Saree with Blue Border

Green + Blue will give you the aesthetic look you have been seeking for!

Green Silk with Dark Navy Blue Color Border Green Silk Saree With Blue Color Border

Green Saree with Red Border

Classic and never going to be out of trend colors!

Green Silk Saree With Red Zari BorderGreen Saree With Red Border and Pallu

Green Saree with Orange Border

Might sound blunt in paper, in reality, will make the best combination.

Green Silk Saree With Orange Border Green Saree With Orange Color Border

Green Saree with Black

All the sassy lady will have an affair on this.

Green Saree With Black Border and Pallu Green Saree With Black Border

Green Saree with Zari Work

When the saree is silk, this is the only way out!

Light Green Saree With Zari Border Green Saree With Gold Zari Border

Green Saree with Purple

You should own this combination at least once!

Green Silk Saree With Purple Border Green Saree with Purple Color Border

Hope you had all your color issues sorted out for green sarees. Go, pick your shade of green and mix it with a color listed down here, you will wear your best version of saree for sure!

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