3 Fabulous Blouse Designs for Big Arms!

If you have big arms and if that’s stopping you from experimenting on blouses, then fret not. Because size shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want to do. Fashion and style evolve from how comfortable you get with your own body and not with the size.

Check out some gorgeous ladies who sports fabulous blouse designs irrespective of their physical structure. All that matters is adapting what suits the best for you.

Sonakshi Sinha’s elbow length sleeve blouse is a safe way to cover your arms and yet remain stylish. If you want to add more flavor to the look, design your elbow length sleeve blouse with collar neck, it will bring out the diva in you!Blouse Designs for Big Arms

For festive occasions, glam up your blouse with boat necks. Take a look on how Kavya Madhavan spice up even the simplest sarees. Boat neck blouses take the eyes off from the arms to the stylish neck lines. It is a most apt style for women with big hands.

Blouse Designs for Fat Arms

If you don’t want to experiment, then still you can embrace the age old three fourth sleeve blouses. They go well with all saree types. From silk to cotton saree, these blouse goes well. Check out how Vidhya Balan adds style statement every time she wears them.

Blouse Designs for Fat Hands

Hope you had some clue on how to design your blouses and not shy away from your big arms.

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