11 Best Hairstyles of Actress Nayanthara

Nayanthara, the leading actress of south film industry never stopped to surprise us with her dressings and makeup in every film she appears. It has been more than a decade she is ruling the south and yet she has not lost her charm!

This Malayali beauty has a natural lustrous hair. Her hairstyles are always unique and bring the best out of her! After taking a break from her career, when she came up with a bang on the movie Raja Rani, she teamed her outfits with front puff hairstyles, which is still loved by many women.

Just like her acting, her dressings and hairstyles has evolved over a period of 13 years since she started to act. Here we have complied top 11 hairstyles that has suited her best.

Short Wavy Hairstyle of Nayanthara:

This has become her recent favorite.  She has been mostly seen in this hairstyle on the movies ‘Babu Bangaram’ and ‘Irumugan’.  Be it a western outfit, or saree, or other ethnic clothing, this hairstyle blends so well and Nayanthara looks fabulous every time she styles this way.

Nayathara Hairstyles on Babu Bangaram

Nayathara Hairstyles on Babu Bangaram

Side Swept Hairdown:

This is her next favorite hairstyle now. For the SIIMA 2016 awards, she paired her cotton saree with this simple hairstyle and looked stunning.

Nayanthara Hairstyles for sarees

Front Puff Hairstyle from Raja Rani

Though Nayanthara was spotted many times with front puff, it became her trademark only after the success of the movie ‘Raja Rani’. It made her look fresh, youthful and drop dead gorgeous.

Nayanthara Raja Rani Hairstyles Nayanthara Front Puff Hairstyles

Side Braid with Curls

Instead of the boring straight braids, Nayanthara always wear this hairstyle with a front curls and keeping the braids on the side. This suits her so much.

Nayanthara Inspired Hairstyles

Messy Side Braid Hairstyle of Nayanthara

She was seen in this hairstyle on the movie ‘Puthiya Niyamam’.  She looked ravish on this hairstyle. In spite of those dark eyes, silver accessories , her hair won over everything and stayed as the center of attraction.

Nayanthara Hairstyles

Long Lustrous Locks:

This is another widely appreciated hairstyle sported by Nayanthara in the same movie ‘Puthiya Niyamam’.  This should be on the good books of every women who like to style saree with curls!

Nayanthara Hairstyles for Sarees

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle:

This hairstyle is from the movie ‘Bhaskar the Rascal’. Nayanthara used this hairstyle on other movies like ‘Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal’,’Ithu Namma Allu’..etc. This is a simple and chic hairstyle which goes well with sarees and salwars.

Nayanthara Hairstyles for Sarees

Loose Curls at the Ends:

This is a refreshing hairstyle she flaunted on the movie ‘Nanum Rowdy Thaan’. All that are needed was a hair band and curls at the end. She looked a lot younger on the movie.

Nayanthara Hairstyles

Messy Bun:

She showed off this one on the moive ‘Babu Bangaram’ and ‘Nanum Rowdy Thaan’.  This hairstyle suited her round face and she looked very pretty.

Nayanthara Hairstyles

Nayanthara’s Ponytail:

This evergreen hairstyle is favorite of Nayanthar’s too. For most of the casual events, the lead lady flaunts this hairstyle. She was seen in this hairstyle on the movies ‘Thani Oruvan’ and ‘Maya’. Needless to mention this hairstyle makes her look youthful!

Nayanthara Hairstyles Ponytail

Sleek Hairstyle:

This was one of her favorite a few years back. Though we don’t see her on this now, it is a another hairstyle who suits her a lot.

Nayanthara Hairstyles for salwar

We hope you have enjoyed the hairstyles worn by Nayanthara!



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